Last year, between the two of us, we watched an average of 317 movies.
This year our goal is to top that by watching at least one a day.
And as an extra special torture, we've decided to write about all of them.

02 April 2008

Diary of the Dead, dir. George A. Romero (2007)

NIKKI says: How good was this? I don't know what I expected -- I've enjoyed most of George's films, and I still find his zombies the most believable and scary. I was happy with how this one played out, even if the subtext wasn't too sub this time around. It bordered slightly on hitting me over the head, but there was a point to be made and George made it. He just does death like nobody else.

I don't think this one was near as complex and intelligent as Land of the Dead. It had a very precise theme, and so it was less subtle as Land and therefore, for me, less effective. I think it suffered from the hand-held style. I would have preferred to see it happened in glorious widescreen than through Jason's claustrophobic lens.

Still, it was an enjoyable view into George's ever-interesting be-zombied brain.


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