Last year, between the two of us, we watched an average of 317 movies.
This year our goal is to top that by watching at least one a day.
And as an extra special torture, we've decided to write about all of them.

05 September 2008

Impact Point, dir. Hayley Cloake (2008)

NIKKI says:
For a crappy TV movie about stalkers of professional volley ball players starring Brian Austin Green, this actually wasn't that bad. I mean, it was bad, but it wasn't lame bad, just slightly silly bad. We watched it because we were both tired and wrecked from a particularly horrible day. We didn't even want zombies to kick back to -- we wanted something worse. Steve wanted hard bodies, I wanted BAG who I have been enjoying since seeing him in the Terminator show. So, it was a fair trade-off. I think.

Well, BAG was good. He deserves better roles, though. Only, surprisingly, this was actually written sort of well for this sort of film. The development was actually quite good, and the twists were okay, too. Maybe we were just tired and hazy from the day? But I actually think this was an A-grade B-grade film. Has that happened before?

I'm not going to worry too much about discussing the plot, it's all very simple -- stalker at volleyball finals. Who is BAG really? Is he the reporter wanting to interview the pretty lead player? Or is he something more sinister? No wait! Is he something more sinister still!?

And who will win the volleyball?!?! And will David Silver finally deflower Donna Martin?!? Wait a minute... I joke, Brian Austin Green, because I love.


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