Last year, between the two of us, we watched an average of 317 movies.
This year our goal is to top that by watching at least one a day.
And as an extra special torture, we've decided to write about all of them.

08 April 2008

Cloverfield, dir. Matt Reeves (2008)

NIKKI says:
The Hype Machine murdered this one for me before I'd even finished watching the trailer. All the Blair Witch-wannabe Internet publicity, the handheld camera, the hiring of relative unknowns in leading parts. Is it a monster? Godzilla? A big, giant octopus? What is ravaging New York in this movie without a name from the oh-so-cool J.J. Abrams?


Sitting down to watch the thing tonight, long after the publicity began, I felt similarly. Alright movie -- just try and impress me. But keep in mind, I've had a long day at work, I hate CGI, and I care very little for party-going New Yorkers.

If the movie could have said "Fuck you", I'm sure it would have. Instead, it just sat there, did its thing, and was absolutely, ridiculously brilliant. "Fuck you" enough, I suppose.

What a great movie! Who thought of this? Party-going kids -- who, thankfully, didn't repulse me every time they opened their mouths -- are saying goodbye to their friend, Rob. He's in love with Beth, who he hasn't called in weeks because he's afraid of leaving her. But he has to go. So she comes to his party with another guy, he gets pissed, yells at her, she leaves. This is all recorded by their friend, Hud, who is in charge of documenting Rob's send-off.

So, Rob's brother tells him life is about moments. And if he wants Beth, he has to go fight for her. And about two minutes after that, the head of the Statue of Liberty comes to rest outside their apartment. Moments, indeed.

And it just doesn't stop after that. The kids run, they lose each other, the big thing swaps its tail about, and Hud films the whole thing. They go in the tunnels and things attack them. And they have to get to Beth, and a bridge collapses. Then someone gets bitten and, oh my god!

This goes straight up into my Top 5 for the year, and well into my list of Favourite Movie-Watching Experiences. Alongside, of course, Blair Witch. The only thing I didn't like was that everyone else in the group had families, but none of them mentioned their loved ones, or were contacted, or wanted to run to their homes and friends and whatever. It was all about saving Beth. So, that bugged me. Even mention of the others' families would have been good. Still ...

You win, movie!


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Ashley Brodeur said...

Maybe I need to watch this one again. I absolutely HATED it. I didn't even want to finish watching it. Al loved it, though. What am I missing? I was cheering for the monster the whole time.